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Find answers to your questions about this website and about our photos, writing and the way we work.

This FAQ page will not fulfill its purpose without your feedback. Please mail any suggestion that could make this site more user friendly and tell us what should be added to its functionality.

About this website
Where can I find a complete list of what you have in stock?
The link Countries, Regions & Cities in the navigation bar on top brings you to the right spot. It is the only list that shows our complete archive. The other pages (features and photos alike) show only material that has been uploaded. Since uploading is agradual process, these other lists will be incomplete for some time to go. But they are growing, so please keep coming back.

Why do the links in PHOTOS leisure & tourism, PHOTOS general topics and PHOTOS flowers & gardens sometimes show only a few photos?
These stocklists show material that has been uploaded, which is less then we have in our archives. For the complete list go to Photos by Region. However, keep coming back to the other lists, because they are inspirational and get more complete by the month.

The navigation bar on top shows features and four times photos. Can you explain the difference between them all?
First there is an essential difference between the features and the photos. Features are combinations of photography and text. Click the link and you arrive at what you could consider as proposals to magazine editors. The links there not only lead to photos but to excerpts from articles as well. Text is important here. Photos are more interesting to picture editors. They don't make difference between editorial and advertising and are aimed at magazines, publishers of books, calendars and cards and the advertising industry.

Since we often work in the field of tourism, travel and leisure and since many of our clients come from that field, we have split Leisure & Tourism from the General Topics and gave it its own stocklist. We did the same with garden and flower topics. The links in those three lists lead directly to photos with the appropriate keywords.

In fact the same photos are accessible in two different ways: listed by area in Countries, Regions & Cities and listed by topic in the other three stocklists.

The only complete list is Countries, Regions & Cities, since it mentions all images and not only the uploaded ones.

Who designed and built this website?
Starting from scratch and without any knowledge, Paul Smit hit a steep learning curve. But it's creative, just like photography and writing, so it's fun. And when it's fun, you learn. Moreover, no pre-designed online photo provider or stock agency offered all the possibilities we wanted to offer, like the different lay-outs for viewing the pictures, the different ways to search or the combination of text and photography. So the only way was to go it ourselves.

About photos

Do you deliver digital image files or still sometimes physical slides?
We only deliver digital files.

How do I download and pay for a photo?
Please register first, so you can use the lightbox. Being a registered user, send us an email and let us know which lightbox you like to download. If you are a client well known to us, we will provide you with a way to download the hi-res images. Depending on our relationship we will send you an invoice immediately or after publication, payable within 30 days after invoice date. If you are unknown to us as a client, please include all information in your email that we need to be able to create an invoice, like company name, your name, address, VAT-number, etc. We will verify that and post a DVD with the image files to the address of your company.

About texts

Your site only offers summaries/excerpts of the features. I would like to read the complete text. What should I do?
Please contact us. Since most magazines don't like the public having access to articles they are yet going to publish, we don't have our articles out in the wild. What we need to know is who you are (name, function, publication, email address and phone number) and the title of the article you like to read. That way only professionals have access to the articles and I'm keeping track of who is reading what. Of course reading an article is not binding you to publish it.

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